About Us

When it comes to all things Teddy Bears there's only one place to visit, Abbey Bear's!! We are a specialist shop based in the lovely town of Padstow. Whether you are looking for small bear, big bear, animal collectible or just a cuddly you will certainly find it here.

Come in and say hi to Wellington our 6 foot bear who has been with us since we opened 10 years ago, he works very hard in the summer raising funds for our elected charity Animals Asia.

We also have a wonderful collection of Russian Dolls a favourite with all ages as a simple toy or a work of art.

A treasure trove of all things soft, we love seeing the joy on peoples faces when they walk in the shop, especially in the summer when lots of families come to Padstow whilst on their holidays. The children are ecstatic, the adults get excited and many leave taking home with them a new friend to remind them of their stay. We look forward to welcoming you to Abbey Bears.