Our Brands

The Rolls Royce of the bear world. Steiff have been in production for over 120 years and have produced some of the best in collectors bears and animals along with their plush. The baby range is evergrowing and is the safest cuddly you could ever buy for any child.

This is Charlie Bears 11th year. Charlie Bears collectable bears and characters are designed by Charlie at The Bearhouse in Cornwall. Charlie also collaborates with other world-renowned bear artists including Isabelle Lee, Alison Mills and Heather Lyell. Lovingly made by hand, each bear has their own unique characteristics.

Collected by adults and children alike these very life like plush animals are created to inspire people to find out about where and how the real animal lives. Animals from all over the world in many habitats are found on our shelves for you to buy and cherish.

Soft, cute and cuddly sums it up for the whole range of Jelly Cat. Suitable for children 0-99 or over! You cannot go wrong. Buy a bunny which they have been making for years and still a firm favourite or go for one of their quirky new designs.

Cuddly soft teddy bears and life like animals from all over the world make great companions for any child. Teddy Hermann also have been making collectable bears for more than 100 years. So are well known for quality and excellent workmanship.

Most will remember the joy of finding that elusive beanie in years gone by. The new range is now called Ty Boos which are just a different shape but the idea is the same, retirements, hard to find and one offs. A must have for any child.

Made in France the company has operated as a co-operative for 45 years. The range is a firm favourite with people looking to buy for newborns. Made and designed with the upmost care to appeal to everyone.

Immediately recognised for their hugely popular mice in matchboxes and bunnies. Loved by children and adults alike. This range can be brought as a beautiful gift to add to over the years.

Suki Silver Tag started with just six bears, Silver Tags are now into their sixth edition. For people that are looking for something different especially as a gift. Each bear has a name and a certificate to say that you have one of the 1500, each one also comes in a lovely presentation box.